10 Best Creative Hacks to Improve Leads in Real Estate Marketing.

May 2, 2021

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Every advertisement is something that intrudes in the life of a potential customer, and the challenge is to not let them think of it as an intrusion but how do you do that? The most creative solution is have your Ads designed in such a manner that it resonates the pain points of a customer, designing them what they wanted to see, telling them what they wanted to hear. These are the ten basic points to carefully look at while designing your ad creatives.

Create a solid digital Brand Identity through creatives

An average digital user spends around three hours online, and during this time he is exposed to a lot of digital advertisements. In order to live longer in the minds of your audience what you could do is to have a consistent style sheet for your brand, which will help them recall your brand at a glance of your ads. These brand guidelines in creatives help develop a brand persona that grows beyond a single ad or even a campaign.

Designs tailored for your mobile devices


About 90 percent of your audience are the ones who explore social media through their mobile devices, especially their smart phones. So while designing your creatives it is vital to optimise the design for a user who looks at them through a smart phone screen. It is also advisable to run test to ensure the great experience one can receive from the mobile devices.

Ensure your imagery is absolutely stunning

When the houses you built are stunning, your imagery has to do justice to it. Being a very visually motivated business it goes without saying how important it is to create outstanding imageries. The imagery you put out should be able capitalize on the 2-second attention span of your audience, it should be the best.

Make Copy Easy to Read, Easy to Understand


When writing Facebook ad copy for real estate, your top priority is to convey the message in a clear and crisp way. People from all walks of should be able to understand it with ease. Even the over usage of content can adversely affect your ad reach. In order to keep this in check platforms like, Facebook only allows 20% of Text in creatives.

Create a Clear, Compelling Call to Action

Your call to action must convey what you want them to do. Your audience should never get confused by multiple call to actions or very long texts in them. It should always be very crisp and clear.

Use Testimonials, Reviews & brand facts to Instill Trust


Buying a home might be the single most expensive thing an average person buys in his life so it is essential to create trust between buyer and builder. Users must see something in us that helps them to choose us apart from the other choices. Bringing honest, happy customer testimonials and images will give them more confidence to select us. These testimonials of your real customers create a social proof which in fact will improve customer confidence.

A/B Test Your Ad Creatives

You could be a natural at targeting the right audience with the right ads for real estate but A/B testing will always make it better. You can attain high-value clients for a lower spend and also in a shorter time frame if you experiment with different campaign elements to find out what works best. We can A/B test by different ad creatives such as single image ads, videos ads, carousel ads etc.
Also, we can experiment with varieties of ad copies or different images or even with colors used in ad creatives. A/B testing helps you uncover the best-performing ad creatives and optimally use your ad budgets.

Bring proper Visual hierarchy in creatives


Visual hierarchy helps describe the importance of elements in a composition. It can help lead your audience through an entire message. Good design can attract the viewer to the “whole” and lead them through it’s “parts” by creating different levels of priority and intuitive flow.

Include offers


People are much more likely to share personal information if they feel they are receiving something of equal or more value in return. If you give them an offer.

Bring a local spice in your ad creatives

Specify the local city name or a landmark. So that the users can easily relate & connect with the ad, this will increase the chances of getting people’s attention with an interest. The native language in creatives can also bring in more leads as people read them faster, and have personal connect to their mother tongue.

These are the ten basic aspects to look for in designing your creatives, but like I said these are just the basic aspects. To unleash the full potential of creatives in digital marketing, sign up for an audit with Webdura and let our experts take a look at your process and then suggest you methods to meet and surpass your marketing goals.

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