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Why is Email Marketing important in 2022?

March 28, 2022

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E-mail marketing has outlived every trend that has come and passed by. Even with the explosion of social media, email marketing has continued to establish its authority over the marketing sphere. A question often asked is “Will Email marketing survive in the coming years?” and the answer – Yes.
Even with the high pace of innovation and the increase in the number of available resources, email has provided marketers with the highest ROI. Businesses including B2B and B2C have found it a powerful tool to expand their growth, visibility, and engagement.

Here are 4 reasons why email marketing is a powerful tool:

1. Highest ROI

Email marketing has topped the charts when it comes to delivering the highest ROI. In fact, businesses often discard their skepticism on Email marketing when they hear about the ROI it offers. On average, it provides 38:1 returns, i.e., for every $1 invested, there is a $38 return.
It is a very cost-effective channel for marketers as it can deliver highly personalized campaigns and drive a significant amount of conversions. Email can also be scaled at large and with the help of automation tools, you can bring down the time and effort spent on campaigns.

2. Everyone uses Email

Anybody who is online has an email address. Be it signing into Facebook, registering on a website, or official communication purposes, email is a basic necessity. As a result, it has become a wide channel to connect with your prospects and customers.
It can keep your customers informed and create engagements. Moreover, your audience can check their emails when it is convenient for them. It also allows you to send personalized messages based on demographic and geographic data.

3. Accurate tracking

You can measure stats and track your campaign performance with an efficient email marketing tool. Tracking delivery rates, bounce rates, unsubscribe rates, click-through rates, and open rates can help you to further optimize your campaigns while also allowing you to collect required data for your other marketing strategies.

4. Targeted messaging

When it comes to lead nurturing, email marketing scores the most. Your potential customers might be in different stages of the marketing funnel and require unique mails catering to their preferences. This is where email marketing comes in handy. You can group your customers into various segments and run different campaigns for each.
Personalization has become a powerful tool in digital marketing and this is why email continues to grow its significance. It allows you to create a more human experience.

The Takeaway

Email marketing is here to stay. After going through 40 years of evolution and outliving many other innovations, it still continues to be a powerful tool in the digital marketing industry.
Building your email list is guaranteed to be a stable long-term investment.

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Author - Rithik Valsan


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