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What Makes a Good Converting Ad?

February 15, 2022

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Creating an Ad is easier than generating a sale from it. When managing your ad creatives, a lot of factors come into play to create a well-structured, convincing, and optimized ad. A potential high converting advertisement has everything in its right ratio- content, form, and presentation. Here’s a glance at the basic elements of a good converting ad.

Create a simple and defined CTA
When creating an ad, think of yourself in the customer’s shoes. What would catch your attention? Would you choose to click on this content? Always keep your ad clear and direct to its intention. Emphasize making your ads usable and captivating. Ensure that your ads are functional without unresponsive pages, broken links, or incomplete ad text. Your ads would be more effective if they were shorter as you create a feeling of valuing your audience’s time.

Make advantage of the description

Use the description to wipe out any doubts your customers may have and make it clear what it is that you offer. A well-structured and neat description provides the necessary information to the customer while also adding a persuasive character to the ad. Do not go in for more details than what is required.

Placement Formatting and Accessibility

Optimize your ads for various placements. This does not mean just the dimensions but the length of ad copies and duration of videos. Ensure that your ads are accessible and well-displayed on all devices. 

Create a high-quality Landing Page

User Experience should be your biggest priority here. Build high-quality landing pages relevant to the nature and intent of your ad. This is where the conversion should happen, so focus on making the experience down the funnel satisfying and easy. Be clear and do not give too many options as it can cause ‘decision fatigue.’ You can also use testimonials, FAQs, and product displays to provide a  guarantee.

Get the ratio right
A perfect ad doesn’t have all the elements; it just has the necessary ones. Create an aesthetic and compelling balance between the copy and the visual. Add a value proposition to your image and close the deal with copy. Lay down your offer and benefits but also create curiosity. 

The Bottom Line

Learn, Create and Optimize. A look into consumer habits can help you find the right model for the ad. Create value and make sure that your presentation is optimized for your audiences. Target and test what works. As Howard Gossage put it, “The real fact of the matter is that nobody reads ads. People read what interests them, and sometimes it’s an ad.”

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Author - Rithik Valsan


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