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Real Estate Facebook Ads for Lead Generation

May 27, 2024

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With over 3 billion active users, Facebook is a great platform and tool for connecting with millions of people. People use Facebook for social networking, communication and business promotion. As we all know, the real estate market is competitive; therefore, realtors use Facebook to connect with potential buyers. Numerous builders and developers are present in the real estate market, and it is a challenging task for the builders to remain competitive in the market. Here is where Facebook plays a vital role. It allows the builders to connect with a wide range of buyers. Generating and optimizing real estate Facebook ads enhances the real estate market by allowing it to communicate with billions of people simultaneously, resulting in Facebook real estate lead generation. As an element of social media marketing. Real estate Facebook ads work on different levels. Read on to learn more about Facebook property ads and their benefits.

Tips For Real Estate Facebook Ads For Lead Generation

Real Estate Facebook Ads

Real Estate Facebook Ads always target a specific group of people, i.e., home buyers. Consequently, a wide range of audiences, including home buyers, can view the listing or property ads, which is an advantage for the developers. This approach elevates brand visibility and enhances Facebook real estate ads, and hence, Facebook real estate lead generation. Moreover, clients and builders who use Facebook ads have reported a significant increase in potential buyers. Therefore, let us look into some real estate Facebook ads ideas that enhance lead generation.

Relevant Content and Images

Precise and relevant content will make the property ads more appealing to users. Moreover, detailed information about the property is required to generate leads from the ad. Vague descriptions will create confusion. In addition, the ad must be visually appealing and contain the necessary information. Therefore, short and precise descriptions of the property interiors and features are required. This approach enables buyers to understand the features and facilities with just a few words.

To create effective real estate Facebook ads, you should focus on the property’s unique selling points, use high-quality images, and include a clear call-to-action. Additionally, adding catchy images to the ad will make it more attractive. Furthermore, a description with pleasant images of the property allows users to get proper information about the listing.

Targeting Audiences And Demographics

The ultimate goal of Facebook ads is to attract attention from the audience, which results in lead generation. Therefore, as a real estate professional, having a proper understanding of your target audience is crucial. By creating and optimizing an ad appropriate for multiple demographics—considering age, gender, location, language, interests, education level, income level, relationship status, and employment—you can attract a wider range of potential buyers. This strategic approach to Facebook property ads puts you in control of your marketing efforts, thereby increasing the chances of success. Overall, creating and optimizing Facebook ads for multiple demographics allows you to maximize your advertising efforts by reaching the right people with the right message at the right time.

Use of Facebook Live For Virtual Tour

It is one of the main innovative real estate Facebook ads ideas present in the market. The virtual tour enables prospective buyers to view the property. Furthermore, a practical virtual tour builds trust, making it more convenient for buyers living at a distance. Consider it a live broadcast of the property by the owner or the builder. Consequently, it allows users to have a live view of the property. Additionally, the builders can talk about the property and communicate with the users.

Facebook Live virtual tours are a unique feature that allows you to interact with potential buyers in real-time, answering their questions, which can significantly enhance lead generation. The live video should be shorter and highlight the property’s features and benefits. Moreover, engaging with the buyers by answering their questions provides knowledge about the property, building more trust. Hence, it results in Facebook real estate lead generation.

Providing Exclusive Access

Customer satisfaction is an essential aspect of Facebook ads. First, the customer or user needs to gain proper awareness of the property. Simultaneously, some users prefer extra attention from the owner’s side. This task is both easy and skill-oriented. Moreover, adding exclusive access for some customers makes the process more effective. For instance, this can be done by offering a sneak peek of a new property or a special discount for a limited time. Additionally, adding taglines such as “Click here to get exclusive access” will attract attention from VIP customers, enabling them to interact with personnel through this CTA (Call To Action). Furthermore, providing an exclusive list of properties will help the owners make a positive impression on the builders.

Regular and Timely Updates

Timing is a significant factor that can alter the results. Timely Facebook posts and property ads enable customers to get more updates and relevant details about the property and the listing. For example, posting real estate Facebook ads when the presence of active users is at its peak lets more users view it. These real estate facebook ads ideas will improve trust and reliability. Timely and frequent posts with updated information make the ad more relevant. At the same time, demand also plays an important role in making a buyer make a timely decision. Moreover, the online presence of the builders or the owners is also significant. Inactivity results in a lower impression of the owners.

Reasons Why Realtors Should Market on Facebook?

Every realtor must stay on the market and follow the latest marketing trends. Furthermore, Facebook is a powerful tool for digital Marketing for Real Estate since it has over 3 billion active users. Therefore, realtors can make use of the Facebook platform to reach a large number of audiences and target markets effectively. Here is precisely why realtors should do their marketing through real estate Facebook ads.

  1. Larger audiences: Facebook property ads help the realtors to increase their reach. Generally, it also improves engagement, ultimately generates more leads, and increases sales.   
  2. Lead Generation: By optimizing content, targeting, and implementing strategies, realtors can generate quality leads that can close deals. 
  3. Lead retention: By implementing an effective lead retention strategy, the builders can maintain engagement and establish relationships with the buyers over time. It will enable the realtors to convert the leads to sales.
  4. Provide insights: It provides valuable information and insights to optimize the marketing strategy and enables the realtors to remain competitive in the market.
  5. Improve the Website Rankings (SEO): Facebook real estate ads help to increase website traffic and enhance brand visibility which can improve the ranking of the builder’s website. 
  6. Promotion: With a wide range of users on the platform, Facebook is a great tool for promoting the developer’s content and listing, which can increase the number of visitors and help create leads.

How to Advertise Real Estate on Facebook?

Facebook real estate advertising effectively generates leads. Key steps include creating leads through post interactions, establishing personal connections, and using the comment box for communication. Positive interaction retains leads and drives sales. Emphasize Facebook features and specific ad ideas for success.

The steps that should be followed are:

  1. Facebook Page Creation: Creating a business page is the initial step in real estate advertising. It is beneficial for realtors to have a business page on Facebook. A business page will establish an online presence and create a positive impression about the business or realtor. 
  2. Accessing Ads Manager: This is an effective tool to Facebook real estate campaigns using different steps. Choosing a well-planned marketing strategy, target audience, ad format, and landing page is also essential. Moreover, a typical ad structure exists for all Facebook ads, which are campaigns, ad sets, and ads.
  3. Selection of Target Audiences: Clicking on “Create audience” adds the target audience to your ad. It allows Facebook to display the advertisement to a specific target audience. More realtors take local options as their primary choice. Facebook’s regulations also limit the audiences, and thus, the residents are targeted with the Facebook ad.
  4. Selection of Ad Category: A while ago, advertising including real estate advertising, had user discrimination issues. Facebook implemented the “selecting a specific ad category” option to avoid this. This option ensures the realtor obeys Facebook’s laws which in turn creates a targeting accuracy. 
  5. Fixing The Budget: Finding the proper budget is based on bidding. Different bids are placed to reach particular users or audiences. The bidding is automatic, which is an advantage for realtors. Select an appropriate ‘Real Estate Campaigns daily budget’, ‘start date’, and ‘end date’ to start the bidding process. 
  6. Ad Format: Executing the content of the ad format is essential for attaining user attention. Examples include carousel ads, where customers can scroll through property listings, images or video ads, where users can view photos and real-time videos of the listed properties. It allows the users or prospective customers to view and engage with the listing and the advertisement to generate leads and sales.
  7. Landing Page Optimization: A CTA enables users to click and get redirected to the landing page of the property website. The landing page is optimized to promote a property or an apartment with appealing images and creatives. The offer in the ad will be communicated to the user, and a contact form will be displayed on the landing page. This will enable the user to fill out the details and get contacted by the builder or developer.

How to Target The Right Audience For Facebook Ads?

As mentioned, selecting the right target audience is challenging due to billions of users. Ad targeting is significant because it is the foundation of the marketing strategy. It is essential to have a proper idea of targeting the right audiences. Basically, targeting the right audience for Facebook property ads is crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of your real estate campaigns. Additionally, creating and crafting exciting content will help to attract the user’s attention. Consequently, improving the sharing and effective budgeting will also add significant value to real estate campaigns.

Let us look into some tactics that will help target the right audiences.

  1. Building a customer persona:Create a customer persona with the help of research. It allows the developers to segment the audiences and target them on the basis of different parameters.
  2. Using audience insights: Different users have varied perspectives and thoughts. Using the insight of the audiences will be a significant method to target the right audiences.
  3. Getting an email list: Building an email list allows developers to establish direct contact with potential buyers or target audiences. It will help to have frequent communication that may lead to sales or conversions.
  4. Testing with different posts: Testing allows the builders to get results from multiple posts incorporated with different strategies. Also, it allows them to select the content and strategy that is performing well.


In short, with billions of users, Facebook is a powerful tool for marketing and advertising, enabling businesses to reach millions of people. Consequently, all realtors should use the platform to list their properties for Real Estate Advertising. At the same time, having proper knowledge about the creation and implementation of real estate Facebook ads is also essential for the success of an ad campaign. Furthermore, this knowledge paves the way for effective Facebook real estate lead generation.

At Webdura we have a well-established team that can effectively implement successful real estate campaigns for you, generating leads and thereby growing your business. Moreover, we go the extra mile by offering detailed insights into your success, allowing you to celebrate every milestone with confidence. Therefore, take your business to the next level with Webdura.

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