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Navigating Google Business Profile: Optimizing for Local Real Estate Success

April 8, 2024

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The world of digital is advancing at every stage, crossing leaps and bounds to make life easy for us. Everything you want is at your fingertips. From ordering food to booking cabs, the intervention of technology has streamlined the process for people. Similarly, the real estate business in India has witnessed steady growth with the power of digital. Google Business Profile, in particular, has been known to contribute to the growth of real estate, enhancing visibility.

Understanding Google Business Profile Optimization

google business profile

Google My Business is an easy-to-use free internet service that helps businesses manage their online presence across Google. To make it easy for customers to find a business, you can verify and update the business information.

Every potential homebuyer or seller looking for good properties wishes to deal with the best real estate agents. And that’s where GMB comes into the picture, as they help potential homebuyers find the best agents.

A well-optimized real estate profile by a leading real estate digital marketing agency can help real estate agents grow their business, increasing visibility for your brand. This will enable your business to rank at the top, which would grab the attention of people looking for real estate services in the area.

Plus, having good reviews, messaging, and Q&A features makes it easier to connect with clients and answer their questions quickly. This builds trust and credibility, which is super important in the real estate world.

The key components of the Google My Business profile include:

Business Information: Ensure the business profile includes accurate information about your real estate agency, such as name, address, phone number (NAP), website URL, business hours, and categories.

High-Resolution Visuals: High-quality real estate cover photos and videos of your listings, office space, team members, and customer testimonials can uplift the appeal of your profile and capture the attention of potential clients.

Engaging Descriptions: Craft a compelling business description that highlights your unique selling propositions, expertise, and the value you provide to clients.

Key Strategies for Optimization

Your Google Business Profile is an effective tool that can draw the attention of many users on the website. While businesses focus on SEO to get better search rankings, Google My Business shouldn’t be compromised.

The following changes to a business profile can have a positive impact on the business.

Make Sure you Update Every Section in the Profile

Adding complete information in detail is the first and foremost step, which sounds very obvious. But many profiles forget certain details like a website link or business hours. Such details make a huge difference as they can improve ranks which would draw more people to engage with the business. Other elements that complete a business profile are name, address, phone, website, and hours, products/services, Q&A.

Create your Business Description

Giving a unique description of the business in the “from the business” section (below the reviews) can tell how different your business is as compared to the competitors. There are certain limits in GMB which aren’t under your control – The short description under the name of the business for instance. This is why it is important to utilize the sections where you can exercise your creativity.

Make sure you add the important aspects of the business in the first 250 characters (750 is the limit) and include keywords that users frequently use. Try and avoid repetitions and avoid adding links.

Select the Right Category for your Business

Picking the right categories for your business is important. Make sure the information you add describes what you offer. This helps Google understand better about your business and what you do. This makes sure your profile shows up in the right searches.

If you’re a real estate company, you can add phrases like “real estate services” or “real estate company in Kerala” instead of generic keywords like “real estate company”.

Respond to Customer Reviews

Customer reviews hold great importance for any business as they help build better relations with the customers. Reviews give a sense of trust which enables customers to make the right decision. Good reviews give credibility to your business. But at the same time, it’s important to respond quickly to all reviews, whether they’re good or bad. Say thanks for the good ones, and handle any issues politely and professionally.

Analyze Your Competitor’s Profile and Repurpose

Check out what your competitors are doing on their Google Business Profiles. See what they’re doing right and where they could do better. Make changes to your business profile accordingly to stand out in your field. This will attract more clients, improve your online reputation, and create a strong local online presence.

Leveraging Google Reviews for Success

Google reviews have become a key element of business strategies today. They’re much beyond ratings and comments. These comments hold great value as new users read them to get a clear picture of the quality of service.

Encourage Online Reviews

Getting more Google reviews can enhance your visibility online. You can ask satisfied clients to leave a review. These reviews can even be posted on multiple platforms as this would draw the eyes of new prospects. Reviews can be a mix of good and bad. Positive reviews can stand out, conveying authenticity and credibility.

Negative reviews on the other hand can stand out too, but only if you know how to manage them. A polite response would be the first thing to do. You can ask them to address their concern via mail by sharing the official email ID where the concern can be dealt with and resolved professionally. This would give a sense of openness and trust to the clients.

Respond to the Existing Reviews

Make it a point to acknowledge and respond to existing Google reviews. This shows you care about your customers and might encourage others to leave reviews too. Keep things smooth by following good practices when responding. Stay polite and professional, thanking everyone for their reviews, whether they’re positive or negative.

Share Google Review links

Let people know that you would like to hear about their experience with the service. You could do this by sharing a direct link to your Google Reviews page. Keep the process very simple, as customers are more likely to leave a review, boosting your review count. You can send the review link through text, email, or social media. You can even connect the link to a QR code for easy access on business cards, websites, or email signatures.

Place a Review CTA

Embed a simple “Leave a Google Review” button in your website’s footer. This way, it’s always visible no matter which page visitors are on. It’s a subtle yet effective way to encourage reviews without interrupting their browsing experience.

Measuring Success and Tracking Progress

Finally, to gauge the effectiveness of your Google Business Profile optimization efforts and make informed decisions moving forward, you need to track key performance metrics:

  1. Phone call volume
  2. Click to call rates
  3. Search rankings
  4. Website Traffic
  5. Requests for driving directions
  6. Photo views


Every business has a unique story to share and for that, you need a well-established team that can enhance the brand visibility online. By understanding the intricacies of a digital platform and implementing the right strategies, a real estate business can mount the steps of success. At Webdura, our team implements excellent strategies and optimizes Google business profile. We ensure the success of our clients.

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