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How to Optimize Creatives for Conversions

January 2, 2023

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Getting noticed is now easier said than done. The ecommerce industry almost seems saturated with ads, and everything can seem a replica of something else. But then again, great ads seem to cut through the noise quite effortlessly than it seems, and they usually have one or more factors that we’re going to discuss below.

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  1. Focus on Clarity 

Essentially, advertising is a form of communication where you persuade the customer to make a purchase decision. So, it’s crucial that the communication in your ad creative has to be clear and concise such that the message is easily understood. This can mean optimizing your copy, removing unnecessary design elements, or replacing elements that take the attention away from the main message.

Most often, ads with one single message perform the best. Keep your text catchy but limited. 

  1. Optimize your CTAs

Are you effectively using the right CTAs for your ad creatives? Review them and run an A/B test to see what’s working better. The campaigns perform best when there is a clear direction for the user to take the required action. If you are able to state an incentive along or as the CTA, it helps to cut through the clutter. It’s great to be creative with the CTAs; however, it shouldn’t confuse your audience with the next step.

  1. Customize the Ad to the Device

Create your ads with mobile screens in mind, and this means creating vertical formats as well. If you’re running video ads, trim your ads to match the user attention span on mobile devices. An important thing to keep in mind is that while viewing video ads, people may watch with or without sound. Therefore, create assets that work with/without sound. Customizing for mobile & other devices helps in personalizing and providing a better experience to your users. 

  1. Bring Social Proof in Creatives

Almost all customers check reviews, product demos and other trustworthy materials from similar customers to ensure and build trust in your brand. Adding social proof to your creatives makes this easier and sets a rapport between your brand & new customers. You may do this by adding trust badges, highlighting awards, using UGC and including product demos. Social proof is definitely going to stir up those conversions!

  1. Ensure the Ad Graphic has a Structure

When you design an online store, you try to make sure the customer experience is as seamless as possible, right? Similarly, when you design a creative, ensure that consuming the information in your ad is easy and it tells the audience exactly what to do next. If you’re a DTC brand, your value proposition is going to be the most important element, so it’s wiser to emphasize that a lot more in your creatives. 

Wrap Up

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to optimizing your creatives, and it can vary according to your audience segment and industry. Therefore, when you create a campaign, it is crucial to experiment and see what works and what doesn’t. The factors that we discussed in this article however can be applied to all industries and can be considered as foundational elements of a good ad creative.

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Author - Rithik Valsan


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