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How to Increase Your E-commerce Conversions

March 16, 2022

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When it comes to increasing conversions on your eCommerce website, marketers don’t always get their mix of strategies right. A perfect conversion strategy is a blend of website optimization, user experience, customer targeting, personalization, persuasive copy, credibility, and branding, all in the right ratio.

E-commerce businesses need to take into account all of these factors to boost their sales. Here are X tips that can help you drive more conversions.

Table of Contents

  • Add Testimonials on the Cart Page
  • Optimize for Ease
  • Provide Multiple Payment Methods
  • Allow Guest Checkouts
  • Personalize
  • Brand and Build a Narrative
  • Conclusion

1. Add Testimonials on the Cart page

Adding testimonials on the cart page builds social proof and makes your customer’s purchase decision easier. By this stage, they have already seen your product details, reviews and are just on the brink of making a purchase. Presenting customer testimonials at this stage encourages them to make the purchase quickly.

2. Optimize for Ease

This includes easy navigation, providing additional information and website optimization. The goal is to create a satisfying and straightforward shopping experience for the customers, so ensure that your users are presented with the most-relevant products relating to their search terms. Customize for easy navigation so that visitors who are new to your site can easily find out what they are looking for.

Providing additional information about the product, good visuals and ease of accessibility can improve customer experience. Do not add anything that can distract your visitor from completing the purchase. Reduce the number of steps for checkout.

3. Provide multiple payment methods

Add multiple payment options so that users can quickly complete the checkout process. Understand which payment methods your target customers often use and ensure they are present and work well on your website. Recently, split payments have been on the forefront, so adding a buy-now-pay-later method can help drive more conversions. It is also an excellent way to retain your customers.

4. Allow Guest Checkouts

Do not force your customers to create an account to make a purchase. Firstly, it is time-consuming and secondly, it can get frustrating for the user. Instead, allow the users to shop as they wish. However, you can bring in visitors to register an account by presenting it as a bonus. For example, you may provide multiple rewards, offers and discounts in return for registering an account with your website.

5. Personalize

Provide customized offers for your users based on their demographics, on-site behavior, and purchase history. Making use of tools that can deliver dynamic content and personalized customer experience can maximize your sales. Consumers naturally connect to a service that caters to their specific needs and is bound to return the next time they need it. This builds a consistent customer base for your business.

6. Brand and Build a Narrative

Building a brand identity is an essential key factor in achieving success long term. Branding comprises of three questions: what, why and how. First, define your brand’s identity and narrate your vision. Then put out what makes you different. Crafting your brand’s narrative is an ongoing process that runs in parallel while building the business side. It is essential to remain consistent in your brand voice and mission as it is a huge factor in building loyalty and credibility.


Each business has its own customer base and it is bound to change. Therefore, it is necessary to always work out new ways to improve your website. Perform regular audits and take feedback from your customers. This is crucial in differentiating what works best from what doesn’t.

Find what may be killing your conversions and resolve them. Optimization is a game of iteration, so ensure improvements are performed periodically.

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Author - Rithik Valsan


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