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How marketing automation can help D2C growth

June 15, 2022

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E-commerce was one of the biggest technological innovations of the 20th century. The industry has been thriving with progression over the years and is on the verge of another technological advancement – Automation. DTC brands looking to thrive in this era must certainly leverage marketing automation to advance their growth.

Here’s a glimpse at what lies ahead for DTC brands & automation.

What is marketing automation?

You’ve probably heard this term over and over around marketing conferences, Twitter and probably anywhere two marketers meet. So what does it actually mean?

Marketing automation is a process of performing repetitive marketing activities through a software application without human interference. It allows the marketing department to automate regular tasks like email marketing, social media scheduling, performance analytics & managing ad campaigns.

Benefits of marketing automation for DTC brands

So how does a DTC brand benefit from automation? There are numerous benefits of marketing automation, but let’s take a look at some of the primary ways in which DTC brands can leverage marketing automation to stay ahead of the competition.

1. Improve Productivity & Scale Growth Faster

DTC brands can leverage marketing automation to perform repetitive and regular activities. This allows the team to focus more on important tasks at hand. Various activities like email marketing, customer chat service, database management, behavioral engagement and content analytics can be automated while achieving incredible results.

Managing your CRM processes, marketing activities, social media campaigns & customer services through automation can help you scale exponentially. If your in-house marketing team needs a lot done within a very short period, automating the process can save you time, effort & investment drastically.

2. Improve Personalization & Performance

If you’re trying to manually track your consumer preferences and act accordingly, chances are you probably have a hard time. Leveraging automation tools allow you to collect user behavioral & personal data from all multiple channels and then use this customer insight to deliver tailored content to the user at the right time.

Further, it allows you to maximize the potential on each channel without having to double down on time & investments. For DTC brands in the pursuit of scaling rapidly & expanding their channels, AI tools can carry out tasks efficiently at scale, and also allows you to capitalize on possible opportunities.

3. Increase Quality & Accuracy

Automation tools will allow DTC brands to make data-driven decisions for their marketing and engagement strategies. It can be highly beneficial as they provide accurate insights into customer preferences & behaviors which can be used for various up-selling, cross-selling & other campaigns.

Moreover, it also helps to accurately track your campaign performance and lets you optimize accordingly. Automation tools can bring down customer acquisition costs and can be a vital tool to implement high-converting retention strategies.

4. Build a Loyal & Consistent Customer Base

Automation can help DTC brands build continuity, which will allow them to keep customers engaged through multiple channels. AI tools help brands to create the most optimized customer shopping experience and this in turn can drive increased conversions. At the same time, it also lets you regain lost customers.

Segmenting your audience list is made easy with these tools and can be used to identify your most loyal customers. Another added benefit of using automation is that it allows you to take post-purchase surveys across multiple channels so that you get accurate feedback about the shopping experience that you present to the customer.


The market is getting more competitive by the minute and it’s time to gear up for an automated business. Brands making the best use of marketing automation tools can deliver hyper-personalized communication, execute data-driven marketing campaigns & track accurate customer behavior.

More importantly, it gives you the space to focus on bigger tasks while letting the software do the repetitive work. A vast field of opportunities lie ahead and this is the time that DTC brands must act to unlock higher potential. Technology is evolving and brands should too.

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Author - Rithik Valsan


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