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Effective Call-to-Action Strategies for Real Estate Ads

July 8, 2024

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Today, we are getting into an exciting secret to boost engagement and interactions with clients on real estate ads. Gaining the attention of potential clients requires more than property ads and listings. The secret to boosting engagement is vested in effective call-to-action (CTA). It is an essential element when you are selling apartments, family homes or luxury condos. It will also enable the clients to take action with respect to the property ads. Let us dive into this exciting realm of real estate ads and call-to-action.

What is v in Real Estate Ads?

Real estate ads

A call-to-action (CTA) in real estate ads enables users or viewers to take action after they become interested in property ads. Furthermore, it is a prompt designed to motivate potential buyers and clients to take action after viewing real estate ads. This CTA is an effective marketing tool that paves the way to the next steps of the buying process. Because in real estate, it is a major component in real estate ads that converts the viewers into leads and clients. An effective call-to-action directs the users to act according to his or her will and makes the process straightforward. Therefore, this process increases the chances of engagement and interactions, which can ultimately lead to sales.

Why CTAs Matter in Real Estate Ads?

In terms of real estate, CTA makes sure it serves or offers some value to the viewers. It is an aspect that improves engagement, increases the effectiveness of the real estate ads and increases the chances of conversion as well as sales. The significance of CTA in real estate ads is as follows:

  • Improves the engagement
  • Increases the user experience
  • Increases conversion rates
  • High lead generation
  • Improved value proposition
  • Maximise ROIs of real estate advertising
  • Helps to measure the effectiveness of property ads

Types of CTAs for Real Estate Ads

As we have a clear understanding of call-to-action for real estate. Let us look into types of CTA for real estate ads. Basically, it is categorised into two, i.e., for buyers and sellers.

For Buyers

Buyers are apartment seekers who are keen to know more about real estate advertising. And the types of call-to-action for buyers include:

  • Scheduling a showing: It is an effective way to attract potential buyers or viewers. Interested individuals can view the property at a time of their convenience, enabling them to visit the property and make a decision. 
  • Get Pre-Qualified: It is one of the most important steps in the home-buying process. The buyers provide financial information about themselves to a lender. Based on the provided details, the lender gives an estimate of the amount that can be borrowed. This process will enable the buyers to plan and make a budget, thus making the process much faster.
  • View available listing: This type of ad CTA will increase website engagement time. It will enable users to view other available listings and make decisions. For example, “ View Available Listing” and “View More Properties.”
  • Sign up for Property Alerts: This service provides buyers with updates and property alerts about new listings and property ads. For example, “Sign Up for More Properties.” 

For Sellers

Sellers are the ones who need to sell the property and make it available to the clients or buyers. Types of CTA for sellers include:

  • Request a Free Home Valuation: This is a specifically designed CTA for sellers. It provides insight into the property’s market value. This CTA in real estate campaigns will allow us to get an estimate of the property. 
  • Get a Free Consultation: CTA for sellers allows sellers to get free service from real estate agents. This service enables sellers to learn more about the market and strategies for selling their property. It is free, and it provides value to the seller. 
  • Learn How Much Your Home is Worth: This is a call to action for real estate agents who will provide an estimate of their property. The service allows sellers to get a free analysis of the property, current market value, and current market conditions. 
  • Sell Your Home Fast with Our Expertise: Sellers can use real estate agent’s skills to sell the property quickly and efficiently. This skill improves sellers’ market knowledge. Moreover, this assistance from the agents will make the selling process hassle-free.

Optimizing CTA Placement for Real Estate Ads

It is important to optimize the CTA in a correct manner. At the same time, it is a significant place for an effective CTA in Ads. Optimizing a CTA for real estate advertising requires an established and effective strategy. CTA optimization includes:

Website Landing Pages

Strategic positioning of CTA for creative real estate ads will improve engagement and maximize conversions. The call to action should be placed in such a way that it can gain the visitors’ attention. Adding compelling headlines or taglines will gain the immediate attention of the viewers. Adding engaging CTAs in the middle of the page will make the website more engaging while scrolling. Furthermore, it is important to have a “Contact Us” tag when it comes to the end of the page. It will capture the final attention of the visitors. In addition, adding “Get Pre-Qualified Today”, “Get a Free Valuation”, and “Schedule a Tour” buttons on sidebars or as pop-ups will make the browsing experience engaging, interactive and effective.

Contact Forms

In a website, contact forms play a crucial role. Strong and compelling CTAs in real estate advertising will make the users interact with the agents in just a few clicks. At the same time, it is important to add action-oriented texts are also important. For example, using the call to action phrases for realtors, “Submit Your Enqiry” buttons can make it more appealing. Buttons, sidebars or pop-ups like “Download Our Free Buyer’s Guide”, “Need More Info?”, “Have Questions?” in the middle of the page and to the end has its own significance in making a creative real estate ad more attractive and interactive.

Social Media Profiles

Social media profiles need strategic placement of CTAs that improve lead generation and engagement in digital marketing for real estate. Add landing pages to the real estate advertisement on social media with attractive CTAs like “Swipe Up to Learn More” or “Click the Link in Bio” in your social media profiles. It will direct the users to the landing page. Adding a “Schedule a Free Consultation” button will be a direct method to reach out to the website or the clients through social media. Adding compelling and attractive images is another idea to gain the attention of the users. Also, make sure that the links and landing pages are placed in such a way that prompts immediate response.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Placing a compelling initial CTA on the email marketing campaign, for example, “View Listings Now” or “Get Your Free Home Valuation” has capabilities to attain immediately. These terms that direct to the web pages has the potential to drive conversation and create more leads. The email content has to be enriched with attractive elements such as quality, delivery and images if needed. Moreover, optimizing mobile content will make it more convenient to mobile users. Furthermore, implementing A/B testing will improve CTA text, placement, and design, using metrics like click-through and conversion rates. Implementing these strategies impacts email marketing for real estate positively.

Video Ads

Introducing a call to action for real estate or property ads early in the video will gain the attention of the viewers within seconds. Again, add CTA in the middle part of the video to reestablish the listing in the minds of the engaged users. Finally, place a compelling CTA at the end of the video, add call to action phrases for realtors like “Contact Us Today” or “Book a Free Consultation”. Always make sure that the text in CTA has a clear intent and that it directly matches the content. Do not forget to highlight the intention of the video in the ads. Add catchy call-to-action phrases for realtors, such as “Learn More and Discover Your Dream Home”.

Measuring CTA Success and A/B Testing for Real Estate Ads

It is important to measure the success of CTA as well as A/B testing for creative real estate ads. To determine the success of the CTA or A/B testing, there are some metrics that we need to look into. Let us look into the key performance indicators (KPIs) to determine the effectiveness of the call to action for real estate and A/B testing.

Tracking Conversions and Click-Through Rates<

Tracking Conversions requires a thorough understanding and analysis of specific goals, including form submissions, viewing requests, or guide downloads, with specific tools. Some of the popular tools for analysing and reaching a conclusion are Google Ads, Google Analytics, CRM software, and social media analysis tools.

  • In Google Analytics, the conversion rate is measured by tracking the destination URLs, like form submissions. Form submissions are the rate of forms that are completely submitted. These analyses help to identify the conversions of visitors to leads. They also help in determining the most performing marketing campaigns or CTAs and provide scope for improvement by analysing the drop and fall in conversions. 
  • Google Ads embeds Global Site Tag and creates a seamless system whereby Google Ads can collect user interaction data. This process will allow the real estate to measure the success of the campaign.

Click-through rates (CTR) are calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the total number of impressions. The value is then multiplied by 100 to get the exact CTR. Tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook and other ad tools are used to analyse and derive CTR. Based on the derived data, the real estate website can change the taglines, designs, and CTA texts to improve the CTR.

Split Testing Different CTAs for Optimization

A/B testing is a method to analyse and optimize the call-to-action in creative real estate ads. There are different elements to analyze in a CTA. The major purpose of A/B testing is to create multiple campaigns with different insights, designs, and other elements and conduct a test run to identify an appropriate top-performing campaign. Here, different types of call-to-action, such as various call to action phrases for real estate and CTA texts, are implemented. After running the trial, the results are identified and analysed. The analysis includes checking CTR, conversion, engagement, and bounce rates. After the study, the most appropriate CTA is identified and added to the original campaign.


The success of real estate ads is vested with an effective call to action strategy. CTA for effective, clear, strong, and high-urgency potential for real estate ads are considered the most effective and successful CTA. It will improve the engagement and interactions that can ultimately result in conversion. We, Webdura are a successful marketing firm with a proven track record of successfully assisting realtors with the best creative real estate ads. Webdura creates and optimises content that positively impacts the real estate market. We invite you to walk with Webdura to success!

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