Boosting Shopify sales

November 28, 2022

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Here’s a common problem most ecommerce stores face: there’s a lot of consistent traffic incoming but struggles to convert them into customers. The slow growth rate of your Shopify store isn’t particularly a new thing and almost all store owners face this at some point. Perhaps what you could be lacking is a tinge of Shopify CRO to get ahead to winning sales.

In this article, we’ll tell you how you can boost your Shopify sales and convert your incoming traffic into potential customers. 

What Could Be Wrong?

To start optimizing your store for better conversions, the first step is to identify what could be going wrong. Here are a few common factors that are detrimental to sales: 

→Poor Navigation

→Low-quality multimedia 

→Store Design

→Lack of Mobile-Friendliness

→Wrong audience

→Bad Copy

→Lack of trust and credibility

Start by using Google Analytics and Heatmaps to understand where you’re losing your customers and identify where you’re going wrong. Now, let’s look at a few key points that will help you boost your sales:

  1. Emphasize your Value Proposition

This is going to be your biggest tool to separate your signal from all the noise. Your value proposition should describe why your customers should choose your product or service over your competitors and what unique value you offer. Once you come down to a value proposition unique to you, plaster it everywhere. This isn’t just for your website bio section, it should be reflected in your brand messaging, ad campaigns, social media and everywhere you communicate with your customers. 

  1. Make your site Mobile Friendly

If your store doesn’t have a good shopping experience on mobile, you’re missing out on a ton of revenue. Most customers use mobile for shopping and you must have a responsive site that works well on both. Remember to make the shape of your mobile popups vertical and make ensure the text is large enough to read on mobile.  Moreover, optimize your images and multimedia for better load times so that it doesn’t slow down your website. 

  1. Build Trust & Credibility 

Getting traffic to your store is one thing, but if you want to convert them to customers, you must set a stage to build trust. How do you do this? Start by displaying trust signals and providing your customers with all the required information. Include trust signals on your product pages like money-back guarantees, return policies, free shipping offers, return policies, credit logos, and other key elements that build trust.

You may also add tags like  ‘best-seller’, ‘trending,’ etc., to indicate that the products are doing well. Additionally, you may also add payment options in the footer section. 

  1. Visually Appeal 

Have you ever been to a retail store with absolutely no purpose but ended up buying something because you got attracted to the way they presented it? Well, that’s called visual merchandising and it’s a crucial part of the purchase process. When it comes to ecommerce, you do this with an attractive layout, seamless navigation and high-quality multimedia.

Make sure your images & videos are high quality and optimize them for page speed. Your products are your most important assets in your Shopify store, so its vital to ensure to highlight everything great about them. The goal is to create an atmosphere for your products to shine. Ensure that you provide detailed descriptions, optimize copy & use visual cues to guide your customers. 

  1. Easy Navigation

Customer Experience can either make you or break you. And a large part of the experience revolves around navigating from one place to another seamlessly. The goal is to make shoppers find what they are looking for easily without much effort. Reduce friction and enable breadcrumbs on individual product pages as it helps people to find similar products to the ones they just viewed. 

Point towards the main category pages with search/filter functions that specify exactly what the customer is looking for. Your store design must be built with an absolute new customer in mind, someone who is new to your site and is hoping to find what he/she is looking for easily. 

  1. Showcase Social Proof

Around 93% of consumers depend upon a positive review about a brand to make a purchase. Leveraging UGC content as social proof is a great way to build trust & establish credibility. Add testimonials with the person’s name and image, include reviews, and showcase product demos on your social profiles.

You may also include tags like ‘Number of people who purchased this product’, show similar or recommended products to promote upsell and make the most sold product into ‘best choices’ category.  

Wrap Up

Listen to your customers and figure out what works for them. This will provide you with a roadmap to optimizing your strategy and design. A lot of these tips can be executed easily, so you just need to figure out where you’re going wrong and implement the ones which one works for you the most.  

Happy Shopify!

Thanks For Reading !

Author - Rithik Valsan


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