Achieve Increased Conversion Rates Through Store Optimization

April 13, 2022

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Have you been running several paid campaigns, driving traffic to you website and building social media strategies but your conversion rate doesn’t seem to climb its way up? Well, embark on a journey to optimizing your website as that could be the potential problem holding you back.

Tweaking a lot of small things can result in dramatic improvements. The process begins with a thorough analysis of your website’s performance and frailties and improving areas that are under-performing.
Here are 7 tips to optimize your store for increased conversions:
1. Remove clutter

Remove unnecessary elements from your product pages and home page. Focus more on highlighting the product and make your CTA clear. Include only the relevant information and make sure everything you display has an intent. This will not only make your website more welcoming but will also boost your page load speed.

2. Avoid Upsell

This is related to the first point and is something that many brands exploit. Sure, upselling is a strong strategy that can build you revenue in parallel but do not exceed the line. Half of eCommerce sales happens through smartphones and adding too many upsells can detriment your mobile shopping experience.

3. Simplify Product Pages

Avoid creating confusions during the purchase process by simplifying your product pages. Design pages that matches with your brand voice but emphasize clarity and visibility. Optimize your website such that the navigation process is easy and simplified for a new customer. Use analytics to figure which areas have higher bounce rates and then optimize the pages accordingly. This can do wonders for your conversion rate.

4. Add a time delay to pop-ups and modals

The debate around pop-ups are controversial as some consider it a boon while others take it as a blessing. Pop-ups arent really the trouble-makers, its how you present them. Give your customers time to breathe and let them navigate across your website. Jumping in with pop-ups immediately can be intrusive and can cause users to leave your website. Take note of the average time people spend on your website and delay your pop-ups accordingly.
However, do not make it too long or people will leave and you will lose engagements.

5. Use social proof

Make use of customer reviews, testimonials and social media posts. If your brand works with influencers, social media marketing can be a vital tool to build social proof. Incorporating social proof will help you build credibility and build your reputation. It also creates a FOMO effect and compels people to buy your products. Make it easy for customers to leave reviews on your website. Promote UGC content on your social media handles and build your credibility around it.

6. Provide an easy checkout process

This point has been stressed numerous time by many but often goes underlooked. Make sure you provide multiple payment options and simply the process. Auto-enable coupons at checkout instead of prompting your customer to manually type it in as it can cause them to leave the page in search of coupon codes. Offer clear and concise shipping information and do not add surprise charges at the end. Remember to enable guest checkout as well.

7. Less Options, Better choice

If your website is cramped with information and presents a lot of options, decision making can be a hard process for customers. It may induce decision fatigue in your customers and can cause them to abandon their carts. If you provide a plethora of choices, it results in ‘analysis paralysis’ – the inability to make informed decisions due to too much information.


There are no fixed ways to optimize your product pages for better conversions. The solutions will vary for different brands. However, by utilizing the above mentioned techniques, you have a good chance of improving your conversion rate and stacking up that revenue. To optimize your pages, you need to understand what works and what doesn’t. Therefore, rely analytics data and customer feedback to craft your roadmap to optimization.

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Author - Rithik Valsan


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