5 ecommerce visual tactics to boost sales

December 7, 2022

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Every store has a unique way of introducing products to bring customers and draw attention. It’s all about knowing what to exhibit, how to introduce new products and finding ways to improve even the tiniest of customer experience details. 

In ecommerce, the situation is similar where brands use visual merchandising strategies to increase their customer base.  It can get quite tricky figuring out what works but ecommerce offers far more flexible options. 

Before we get into all the steps we can take up, let’s have a quick look at what visual merchandising actually is. 

Visual Merchandising

In order to draw a customer’s attention, visual merchandising focuses on how you arrange and display your products in a certain area.

Simply put, it is the practice of organizing and showcasing products in a store, which is used to highlight products & features, grab quick attention and create a comfortable shopping experience for customers.

This influences clients’ purchasing decisions by attracting customers to your brand in a more engaging way. Although this tactic is typically employed in physical businesses, it is also widely used in online storefronts.

Visual Merchandising in Ecommerce

Similar to how we talked about visual merchandising in physical stores, online visual merchandising is the process by which merchants use visual elements to enhance the overall shopping experience of customers. This can include (but is not limited to) the homepage layout, product page customization, recommendations, navigation and category listings. 

The biggest difference between retail visual merchandising and the online one is that while the former is restricted to the ‘average shopper’, online visual merchandising can be personalized for each customer. It gives you the opportunity to tailor the visual identity of your store to each visitor interacting with your brand.

5 Visual Tactics that’ll Boost Your Sales

Let’s take a look at five ecommerce visual tactics: 

  1. Product photography

Product photography is the first thing people see when they visit your website. It’s what makes them want to buy something right away. If you have good product images, they’ll make them feel confident about buying your products.

  1. Clear navigation

The best websites use clear navigation to guide visitors around their site. This helps customers find exactly what they need without having to search. You should always keep your navigation simple and organized. 

  1. User-generated content

To determine whether a product is worthwhile purchasing, the majority of online customers would like to view user-generated material. This might be client feedback offered by prior clients in the form of written evaluations, photos, and videos that help your business appear more genuine and credible.

  1. Optimize your home page for great storytelling

Give a clear idea of what your brand is about and the products you sell. Great storytelling keeps your customers coming back and doesn’t fill them with jargon. Practice the art of telling your story remarkably and you’re good to go.

  1. Mobile-friendly design

Mobile users spend more time browsing the web than desktop users. Make sure your site looks great on mobile devices. Use responsive design to ensure your content displays well across different screen sizes.


In short, ecommerce visual tactics are a great way to boost your sales. By using visuals to draw attention to your products, you can create an engaging shopping experience for your customers. Additionally, visuals can help you to stand out from the competition and create a memorable brand. With the right visuals, you can increase your sales and create a successful ecommerce business.

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Author - Rithik Valsan


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