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About Spoxid11

Spoxid11 is a mobile application which was launched in 2017 with an aim to provide a virtual platform for sports enthusiasts to make money and play games making the most of their sports knowledge. It is a highly entertaining platform which lets the players engage in various types of fantasy matches including cricket and football. The users can select the match which they wish to participate in, select a fantasy team and play to win cash prizes. The goal is to build a community of sports followers and also offer them a chance to win cash, play along with their friends and family members.

The Challenge

Although Spoxid11 had been performing various online marketing activities, they were facing a lot of technical challenges. It was observed that their efforts did not yield the desired results due to various bottlenecks. The team wanted to overcome these issues to drive more app downloads, increase the followers and achieve more visibility. However, this was not an easy task especially as fantasy games is a relatively newer concept and people are not much aware of it. Webdura took up this challenge to help Spoxid11 take their venture to the next level.

The Solution We Offered

Our initial step was to conduct a detailed analysis of their existing marketing activities. Once our team got a clear picture of the client background and their future goals, we conducted several interactive sessions with the client to discuss our marketing plans. We focused on their core problems and worked out ways to tackle them. Our team worked closely with the Facebook support desk to resolve the technical issues that were hampering the campaign performance. We launched new targeted ads that eventually resulted in a significant hike in app downloads. We also launched various brand awareness campaigns for Spoxid11. Our design team performed a website revamp which helped to enhance the user experience and bring more traffic to the site.

Targeted Digital Ads

Launched digital Ads to drive more App downloads

Website Revamp

Restructured website to enhance UX and generate more traffic

The Final Result

After resolving the initial challenges, we moved on to devise an effective and result-oriented marketing plan for the client to ensure success in future.

8656+ App Downloads

Rapid Hike in No of Users & Followers

Significant Increase in Website Traffic

Increased Popularity and Brand Awareness

Reduced Cost for Marketing