Digital Transformation Of A Multi-Billion,Zero Debt Real Estate Enterprise


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Confident Group, an established brand in the real estate sector in India, has been in existence for more than two decades. The group has developed multiple projects across Kerala and Karnataka. Until a few years ago, the company was mainly dependent on traditional marketing mediums which did not help to boost sales in a cost-effective manner. They had planned a blue-print for rapid expansion within the sector, their need for a sustainable, alternative marketing platform became inevitable. This is when we joined hands with Confident Group with one important milestone in mind – a complete digital transformation.

How It All Began

With real estate being a highly competitive market place, it was instrumental for us to define a strategy for Confident Group aimed at generating instant results. Our efforts were aligned to address the following core concerns that the group was facing

Fall in No.of Qualified Leads & Sales

Lack of Integrated Digital Approach

Poor Website Performance

High CostPer Unit Sale

Our Approach

The first step towards resolving the challenges faced by the brand was launching digital Ads targeting potential home buyers from various countries. Identifying the right audience group and deploying creatives and keyword centric search copies resulted in an inflow of sales qualified leads for each project. We then conducted a website revamp with revised design & content for improved search rankings. As the group started generating sustainable revenue via these digital assets, we launched a custom sales CRM and helped with Cloud Server implementation. The sales CRM assisted in enhancing the conversion rates and to streamline the inflow of leads from both paid and organic mediums onto one single platform.

Targeted Digital Ads

Digital Ads targeting potential home buyers from across 120+ countries


High-quality & relevant content promos through social media, email, etc

Website & SEO Strategy

Website revamp & implementation of SEO strategies for better ranking


Launched a sales CRM to increase sale conversions & streamline the lead inflow

The Change We Brought

70 %

Sales contribution via digital media

40 %

Leads converted to site visits

85 %

Lead contributions via digital media

300 %

Increase in traffic

Services Extended Towards Confident Group’sComplete Digital Transformation

Once the initial challenges were resolved, we developed and structured a curated digital /pathway for Confident Group to obtain the best possible results

Digital Advertising
  • Search advertisements
  • Social media advertisements
  • Media websites
  • OTT platforms
Inbound marketing
  • SEO
  • UX optimization
  • Content marketing
  • Social media profiles
  • Marketing automation
Digital Transformation
  • Custom applications
  • Marketing technology
  • Digital Infrastructure